We relish the happines of providing our customers who adopt the privilege of manufacturing products with the label "MADE in ITALY", and the traditional and innovative producers of Italian fabric which we are the partner and representative of, with competitive, innovative and high quality fabrics.

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Business Partners

Freon Srl

Mario Belluci is the high quality fabric manufacturer who is the expert in innovative fabrics and who created a huge commercial market in the international arena.

Fratelli Balli has become the Prato textile industry’s pride with the high quality coatings and jacket fabrics it produced since 1948.

Fortex is one of the pioneers of innovative fashion, who adds COTTONLAB and OUTERWEAR fabrics to its global success in wool fabric collections.

Pontetorto has the innovative understanding with its collections of fabrics of pants-jackets-suitings and coatings.

Lanificio Supermoda is a firm producing straight and patterned fabrics made with the best natural fiber for the high quality of men’s coats and jackets.

Lanificio Kreative is a producer focusing on the market trends with its ultra competitive and fashionable men’s clothes.

O’jersey offers innovative and quality products for jersey-knitted fabrics to all the world markets.

Ciprani is a producer making difference with its genuine and innovative collections in terms of appearance and usage.



Lineasse has an innovative understanding of collection which is versatile,, matching with the market trends and changing seasonally.